Meet Mary

Our salsa journey started with gifting our homemade salsa to friends and teachers. We as a family made salsa together; chopped garlic, peppers, stirred pots and created a special homemade gift. The kids loved taking these gifts to school to share with teachers and friends. When my youngest kiddo passed grade 1, that teacher encouraged me to venture out to the markets and sell this salsa. " You never grow inside your comfort zone". What started as hobby, has turned into a business that allows me to field trip with my kids, balance out the demands of a busy family and the passion of being an entrepreneur. 

"Local food is about getting the freshest and best tasting food. It's also about connecting to and strengthening your community." 

- Anna Lappé


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Tired of the same old fundraising efforts? Why not try a salsa fundraiser!

Healthy, fresh, locally sourced ingredients, what better way to support local communities. Contact us for more details.